Exiles in Paradise - Constance Hauman

Milken Archive

Kurt Weill – The Eternal Road

This is a short documentary feature on Kurt Weill’s The Eternal Road, an extravagant oratorio that juxtaposes modern history and biblical lore in a metaphor for Jewish redemption. Includes excerpts from a live performance at Berlin’s Schauspielhaus with the Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin, the Ernst Senff Chor, and the Rundfunk Kinderchor Berlin, featuring soloists Karl Dent and Constance Hauman. Narrated by Theodore Bikel.

Herman Berlinski – Avodat Shabbat

Here is a short documentary feature on Herman Berlinski’s liturgical magnum opus, Avodat Shabbat. Includes interviews with the composer reflecting on the historical and personal significance of performing his most devoutly Jewish work in the land he fled to escape Nazi persecution, and commentary by conductor Gerard Schwartz, Milken Archive founder Lowell Milken, and Artistic Director Neil W. Levin. Video footage from the recording session features the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin and Ernst Senff Chor with soloists Robert Brubaker, Elizabeth Shammash, and Constance Hauman.

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